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    The flat multi-purpose origami stand

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    FODI is a paper thin, multi-purpose stand that uses a carefully designed origami structure that can hold your smartphone, laptop, books and more. Origami, which is a Japanese traditional art form of paper folding, is not only a beautiful piece of art, but also has use cases in engineering and architecture. Even NASA is using Origami structure on their satellites!




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  • Designers of FODI

    Mr. Kade Chan

    Kade Chan - Designer of FODI, is a professional origami artist and product/graphic designer. Kade Chan has been recognized for his design work and has been rewarded with various origami awards and honors on several occasions. Most notably, in 2012, he received the Eric Joisel Award from Origami Canada, and in 2013, the Yoshino Issei Fund from the Japan Origami Academic Society. Kade was also invited to be the special guest of Korea Origami Convention 2015 and Origami USA Convention 2016.

    Now Kade Chan has more than 100 original origami designs and over 10 years of experience in origami teaching. He has also organized more than 60 public events/exhibitions and collaborated with many famous brands such as Berluti, L'Eau de Chloé and TOD's.

    Mr. Kiho Satoshi

    Kiho Satoshi is an aspiring artist and designer.

    Born in Hyogo, Japan. Currently studying in university. Started video-shooting in 2015. Passionate in innovation.

    “Simple is the best” is his motto.

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